Having a new computer means I need to christen it. I got myself a copy of this new game called Singularity. The new machine runs it well. I haven’t played a new pc game since Doom 3!

As for the game itself, well I’ve just played enough to unlock the elements that give the game it’s true individuality (time manipulation).

I think we’ve come to a point in gaming where there isn’t much that can be done that will still feel wholly original. Case in point- this game feels like a Bioshock ripoff, with a splash of Half-Life 2 and a side of Timeshift. Don’t get me wrong- I’m enjoying it, but I just know that I’ll have to tell my friends “it’s a lot like Bioshock” when they ask me about it.

On more thing- it’s been so long since I’ve played an FPS on PC that the aiming wasn’t inverted and I didn’t notice… I went to switch it 5 minutes in to the game and got fully confused!

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