Deal Alert: Warhammer 40k is six bucks today



I think I might have played a demo of this game once, but after seeing the video, this isn’t a game I would really get into. Mostly because of the third person view. Other than that, it looks like a decent kill ‘em all kinda game. You’ve got guns and melee combat. You’ve got nasty baddie-alien-things. You get the idea.  $6 on Amazon today (10-8-2013) and free shipping over $25.

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Bacon Grooming Kit is Hamtastic



Is bacon still cool? I’m so out of it, I don’t know. Besides, kids change so fast. They’re probably into something else now, like sloths or mustaches or something.

As for me, I’ll never forget bacon’s heyday. Good times, good times.

Breakfast is timeless. And bacon is part of a healthy breakfast… like having a bowl of cereal with beer instead of milk. Beer-eal: breakfast of champions!

Anyway, this bacon grooming kit includes bacon band-aids, bacon toothpaste, bacon soap, bacon lip balm, and bacon floss. It’s like five kinds of awesome in one convenient package.

Get the bacon grooming kit here

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