Satellite Debris Warning

NASA Issued a vague warning… “the sky is falling”. Or stuff is falling out of the sky. A decommissioned Satellite, to be more specific. At the moment, they don’t know exactly where it is going to land. They also make a two-faced statement about how little the danger is of being hit, while mentioning that any debris that you find should be treated as hazardous material. So… if it falls from the sky and hits you in the head, you’re going to be A-okay, but if it falls in your back yard, you shouldn’t touch it?


Hey, It’s Better Than Nothing!

Have you ever ended up with less than you expected? You know what phrase comes next, right? Hey, it’s better than nothing. This goes double when it’s a gift. First, you say, hey, it’s better than nothing, then you enroll that girl in guy gifts 101, things dudes like for beginners, and so on. Hint: dudes like bacon, steak, video games and fast cars/big trucks. Or, you could give them nothing, which isn’t free… I blame inflation. Click here for more nothing… a nihilist’s ideal gift.



Kraftwagen…Stirling Engine toy

I’ve been pretty well obsessed with stirling engines lately. I haven’t quite got to the point of making my own just yet. Also, I wouldn’t pay a thousand dollars for this toy, so I haven’t gone completely insane just yet. Heck, I can’t even bring myself to buy the $40 stirling engines off ebay. Maybe I’m not as crazy about them as I think I am.