Duke Nukem Forever Out… And It Sucks!

The long-anticipated sequel to whatever the last Duke Nukem title was has finally seen the light of day, and now the world wishes it would go back to whence it came. No, seriously, I heard that one guy called up a lawyer because this game was so bad that it should be criminal. I saw a list of review scores- 3/5, 3/10 , 5/10 … it was bad! Now I’m glad I’m no longer one of those people who get sucked in by the video game hype machine and buy on the first day. Except the call of duty games.

Here Comes The Airplane!

I’d say this is clever, but the whole airplane-as-a-baby-food-delivery concept is terribly cliche, so originality points are null on this one. It’s still a cute product, though I think $22 is maybe just a tad steep, though not totally unreasonable.