TDK Sound Cube


The TDK Sound Cube is a portable, all-in-one sound solution. It hooks to your MP3 player/iPod/iPhone, has 1/4″ and mini headphone inputs, and even an AM/FM radio.

I’ve played with one of these in person, and I can tell you that this thing has some guts- 20 watts RMS and two active speakers pair with two passive radiators… I mean, it takes like a dozen batteries, so it must be powerful. Why not toss a motorcycle battery in there and call it good?


Facebook Cufflinks

Here we go, someone is trying to sell cufflinks by riding on the success of Facebook. and what about the guy/girl who buys these? Do they make pajamas¬†with Facebook logos on them? Facebook underwear? Socks? Where does the madness end? Personally, I have a vehicle wrap that says ‘youtube’ all over it. Now that is how subtly show that you’re aware of popular websites. Are you guys taking notes?