Record Industry Wants $75 Trillion From Limewire

Let’s put this number in perspective… 75 Trillion dollars is 50% more than the entire world produces in a year. Luckily, the judge who is trying the case has at least one lick of common sense- he’s not accepting this ludicrous amount for damages. Also, the poor guys at limewire are probably penniless from paying for all those lawyers and whatnot. This makes it a real “blood from a turnip” situation.

Polygon Star Wars

Have you ever wondered what star wars characters would look like if they were rendered on an N64? Me neither! High five! I think that geeks need to refocus their collective attention on a different movie/franchise. George Lucas is now stinkin rich, and he’s not making super great movies any more. How about Firefly? Futurama? Anything but star wars/trek.

Swing Table Concept

This swing table rocks! Or, it swings. Anyway, I think it would be really cool for hanging out with your buddies, having some beverages, etc. The first order of business would be for everyone to come up with new rapper names. If I was a doctor, I’d totally be calling myself the minister of medicine. There’s a doctor in the house! Word. Can we get 500 ccs of funky fresh in here?

swing table