Gamecube Graveyard: They’re Organizers Now

These poor Gamecubes are dead… they’ve been resurrected as office supplies, which is fitting, since they’re original owners have probably gone from playing gamecube to working in cubicles. Oh, the irony! It’s a shame that these didn’t get sent in to be refurbished.. also, they cost more than a used gamecube should. I mean, a working one with controllers and power supplies, etc. Okay, I seriously think this is some sort of sacrilege, now that I think about it… these were once awesomely fun video game machines, and now they’ve been turned into office supplies. I think I’m going to cry!

Dog Watches Cat Video, Tilts Head

Most pets seem to simply ignore most screens. I can’t get my cats to react to a youtube video for the life of me. I think that they understand that it isn’t real. Not this dog… he watches the video, tilts his head… goes over to check the house cat in the house… and he’s bewildered!

Remote Controlled Bald Eagle: Awesomely Patriotic

This R/C kite-bird-thing makes me want to raise my flag. It’s patri-erotic! It has all the benefits of a remote controlled plane with none of the drawbacks of owning a pet eagle. What do you mean there aren’t any eagle-ownership drawbacks? Let me see… first off, I’m pretty sure that most of us aren’t actually allowed to own one. also, you have to pump them full of diet pills so they don’t eat your neighbor’s pets. Suppress appetite: engage! And don’t get me started on how much work it is to keep a tidy eagle nest!

The R/C plane on the other hand is totally awesome and sweet-to-the-bone. It only eats electricity. It won’t poo on your roof. It doesn’t keep you up all night with it’s mating calls or kill local wildlife. I mean, I suppose it could, but you’d have to be pretty good at steering it.