Oregon Trail Coming To Facebook

Not only is Oregon Trail getting a bit of a facelift, it looks like it is coming to Facebook. I’m not sure what to think of this, but if it’s any good, it will be highly addicting. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I was totally hooked on farmville for a few months. It was bad- I tried to trade my wedding ring for farmville neighbors. Then, I was out in the street singing the Mr Rogers song… you know “please won’t you be my neighbor”. It’s a good thing that I bore easily, or I’d be playing it right now.

HumanCar- Powered By People

Soylent Green is people, and the HumanCar is people…powered. When I first saw stills of this, I thought it was a bit on the lame side, but after seeing it in motion, I have to say that this is one sweet little electric car. I’d get a fur coat, bowler hat and a cigar, then cruise in one of these. I would be electric pimpin, baby! I would be an eco-mack-daddy.

But seriously- I think this is great. I don’t really care for the whole ‘lean to steer’ part, but how else are you going to use your whole body to charge it? So it makes sense in it’s own way. Also, it sounds pretty cool when you charge it- like a powerful engine revving. Now, I’d like to see a coupe version. That would be sweet.


Russian Baby Yoga?!?!

Fake or real? You decide. It seems that the hosts of this show have. Personally, I think that this baby will grow up to be a ninja! speaking of ninjas, I have a new neighbor, I nice retired gentleman. Well, maybe gentleman is too strong a word. He’s an old truck driver. Nice guy, but he’s more ‘average joe’ than gentleman. Anyway, he says that he doesn’t like cats because they’re too sneaky. Being a cat person, I have to agree that kitties are like little ninjas that wander around your home.