Happy New Years

I’m somewhat anticipating this New Year’s Eve, which is saying something, since I haven’t been feeling very enthusiastic about anything lately. I plan on drinking tequila, but not so much that I hurl. I’ll leave the karaoke to those with a better set of lungs- no singing for me. Unless someone comes up with a version of Karaoke where you can do the rhythm section. I’d totally beatbox in public. Boots-n-cats. Boots-n-cats!

Periodic Table Of Elements Printed On Human Hair

My friend was telling me that he had bought his wife a perfect or near perfect diamond for his wife’s wedding band, and she somehow flushed it down the toilet. What does this have to do with this minuscule writing on human hair? The diamond had some info engraved on it. I’m not sure what, but the diamond was special enough to be registered uniquely and insured for quite a bit. He said that if anyone ever tried to sell it, the identification would probably show up when it was appraised, and a red flag would pop up. Since it’s in the sewer, I’m not so sure this stone will ever see the light of day again.