World’s Tallest Climbing Wall

This is supposed to be the world’s tallest climbing wall. I probably couldn’t scale a third of it’s height- moon boots or not, I just don’t have the stamina , the training, the five bucks. Or however much they’re charging to scale that wall. You know it isn’t going to be free. Also, I’m not to keen on paying people to let me climb walls when there are plenty of mountains that I can climb for free. Oh sure, the giant wall probably doesn’t have scorpions and cactus, but that’s why they make the big bucks.

Big Worm

I don’t particularly care for this giant gummy worm, but I’m a bit partial to the vat19 videos, so I’m bringing the pain, erm… embed code. Personally, I don’t think I could eat that much gummy- more than a mouthful will give me a sour stomach.

The Last Sony Walkman

While I thought the walkman hasn’t been produced in at least a decade, I was sadly mistaken. It would seem that Sony continued to produced them up until October 23, 2010!

I’m guessing that third world countries were still snatching them up and making mixtapes.

Kind of reminds me of my old weight loss program that included Richard Simmons yelling over disco tracks while I huffed and puffed on my mountain bike. The hard part was getting Richard Simmons to do the voiceover- I ended up prank calling him and recording it until I had enough footage to fill one side of a cassette. There’s no motivation like an angry fitness guru!