Having a new computer means I need to christen it. I got myself a copy of this new game called Singularity. The new machine runs it well. I haven’t played a new pc game since Doom 3!

As for the game itself, well I’ve just played enough to unlock the elements that give the game it’s true individuality (time manipulation).

I think we’ve come to a point in gaming where there isn’t much that can be done that will still feel wholly original. Case in point- this game feels like a Bioshock ripoff, with a splash of Half-Life 2 and a side of Timeshift. Don’t get me wrong- I’m enjoying it, but I just know that I’ll have to tell my friends “it’s a lot like Bioshock” when they ask me about it.

On more thing- it’s been so long since I’ve played an FPS on PC that the aiming wasn’t inverted and I didn’t notice… I went to switch it 5 minutes in to the game and got fully confused!

It’s Aliiiive!

My new PC is finally up and running. It took me several weeks due to a backordered part and a bad hard drive, but I’ve finally got everything together.

On top of the issues I faced from my supplier selling me a part that they didn’t have in stock, and sending my a part that was just plain broken (they could stand to learn a thing or two about packing stuff)- my built in video was all wacky, so I had to buy a video card. I was going to buy one eventually anyway because I like having dual output (one for my TV). Well, the built in graphics would run too high a refresh rate for my monitor- only when the drivers were installed. Before the drivers were installed, everything was as okay as it could be without drivers.

My new pc has an AMD phenom 9600 quad core processor (2.3ghz), 1TB hard drive, 2GB RAM and a Geforce GT 220 with 1GB of memory. It also has a DVD burner.

Regrets? I wish the case lights were all blue. Also, the motherboard tops out at 4GB of RAM (I’ll max it out with the other 2GB one day). I’m okay with just about everything else. All in all, this cost me $350- easily a hundred less than a comparable machine would cost me at retail.

Smell Like A Library With Perfume

Ladies, are you having a hard time attracting the right guys? Are miniskirts and glitter just not reeling in that engineer that you’re dreaming of? Perhaps you’d like to try the au de library perfume and thick glasses routine instead. Instant geek allure, guaranteed! Alternately, you could try hanging out at the library. Of course this means you’re more likely to find geeks in training than actual full grown nerds. I’m just sayin- the real deal already has all the books they need.

library perfume starts at $12

Alternatively, I found a variety of weird scents… including laundromat, steam room, new zealand(!?) and greenhouse