XBOX 360 Goes Portable With The GAEMS Suitcase

Let’s face it: The XBOX 360 isn’t an easy console to extract from your living room. It has big, tight-fitting cables and a honkin power supply. Also, it isn’t the most svelt console we’ve seen this decade.

The Gaming and Entertainment Mobile Systems (GAEMS) suitcase offers up either 720p or 1080i high def, depending on  which model you choose. It looks like the power supply is tucked away behind the LCD screen. The GAEMS is TSA approved and counts as a carry on for easy travel.

Thanks To Sony, Now Everyone’s Cat Can Tweet

Looks like Sony is jumping on the Twitter gadget bandwagon. Their tweeting collar can send 11 short messages to twitter. Now you can e-stalk your pet. I know that my cats’ tweets would be like this:

Just caught a bird. Taking it to the living room to disembowel it!

Hork! That was the biggest hairball ever. You’d think it was a turd.

From OhGizmo!:

…the device contains a GPS sensor, accelerometer and a camera. These will log your cats activities, and make appropriate tweets based on them. One example given was that if your cat walked around for a bit and then ate some food, it might tweet “Meals taste better after a walk.” Currently this is one of 11 different phrases used.

Yeah, like I’m going to be following those tweets.