Overkill Much? Cellphone Has 14 Megapixel Camera

Alright, this is just plain ridiculous. It’s a cell phone with a fourteen megapixel camera, and 3X optical zoom. That is just plain insane.  I wonder if we’ll ever reach the point of diminishing returns on digital cameras? I mean, my camera has eight megapixels, and it does the job more than adequately.

Speaking of megapixels, I saw this really old digital camera, and it said that it had one million pixels! A million! I bet people thought that was awesome at the time. I thought that was a funny way of making your camera sound more awesome than it really is.

check the source for more pics

Flash Destroyer: Coolest Name For A Testing Machine Ever

This has got to be the best name for a stress testing device ever. The Flash destroyer writes and verifies data on an EEPROM until it gets an error. Makes me wonder if this is how they stress test those credit card processing machines at the grocery stores? Those things are durable as heck! The credit cards themselves seem to be a different story, though. Here’s a tip: if the magnetic strip wears out, wrap your card in a plastic grocery bag and swipe it again. That doesn’t actually work, I just have fun imagining a bunch of people doing this and looking silly at the grocery store. I kid- it works. Really, it does.

Check the source to see a video for this device in action. It hits 2.4 million cycles in the vid.