Robotic Hand Microphone Stand

This robot hand mic stand would be ideal for any band that is terminator-themed or has Arnold Schwarzenegger as the lead singer. Short of that, the mic stand was custom made for the singer in the band ‘three days grace’, a contemporary rock band of some sort. Don’t expect them to come on stage saying “Denver, are you ready to save big on insurance?” Then again, if there’s moshing involved, they could totally make a mint selling ‘mosh pit insurance’… not that those crazy kids would care. Gotta pitch this idea to the Rolling Stones, I guess.

Sweet 360 Video Is Sweet

Alright, I intended to bring you an awesome video of a stadium being demolished; when I embed it, I get this weak video of a country band. The ladies in the front row aren’t even flashing these guys. Except with their cameras. I thought you weren’t allowed to film these kinds of events. I guess with cellphones that have cameras in them, there’s little that can be done to keep cameras out of concerts anymore.

Oh yeah, and it’s autoplaying, so you’ll find the video after the jump. It really freaked me out because I couldn’t figure out where that horrid music was coming from.

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