Enough With The Frickin Skinput Already!

Yes, I’m aware that letting loose my frustration about seeing this everywhere is only adding to the problem. I didn’t really care the first time I saw it. Or the second, third , fourth…. but it’s getting seriously old now. Even Kotaku decided to write about it. Won’t somebody please stop the madness? OY!

Obligatory Star Wars Fanboy Fodder

I don’t really care about Star Wars. Don’t get me wrong- I’ll watch it, and I was probably too young when I saw the movies in the first place, and I understand that the films did wonders for their genre… Like Nirvana did wonders for rock music. But I just don’t care. Can you geeks move on already? I’m sure there are plenty of other completely awesome science fiction movies for your to obsess over.

For example, I just watched a movie about a black Jewish midget woman who had terrible public speaking anxiety . She conquered her fears with the help of some alien fairy magicians, then she got booed off the stage because she was at the wrong event (Aryan brotherhood convention). And when I say booed, I mean burned at the stake. Toasty!

Insect Bracelet Is A Real Head Scratcher

Especially after I fill yours with lice. This thing is big and clunky. It needs to be made more transparent and more sleek. Then you market it to goths, see? Yeah, I know- I’m a genius. Just the other day I coded a complete video gameĀ in my sleep. Okay, I haven’t actually coded anything in years, but it’s my blog, and I can boast if I want to. And I want to boast! Boast boast boast boast. Phew that was exhausting! Now that I’ve got that out of my system…

This bracelet was invented by some dudes who wanted to keep their pet worms close. The source goes on about dry oatmeal, potato chunks and air holes. Blah blah blah. What I want to know is- how hard is it to get people to shake your hand when you fill it with fleas?