Prototype Impressions

I’ve been in an intense gaming slump lately- you see, the hard drive on my xbox crashed, leaving me unable to go online or save game progress. To add insult to injury, I keep running in to great video game deals. I just found Oblivion (game of the year edition) for $15, COD: MW2 for $20 (my disc cracked, I blame the packaging) and this weekend, I picked Prototype for $20 as well. That last one was on clearance at Target in case you wanted to try your luck.

Not having a hard drive means that I’m stuck playing through the first few hours of a game over and over. Yesterday, I played Prototype for the first time, and I sat there for what seemed like three hours.

The first thing I’d like to say is that this game is FUN. Also, I’d like to say that it’s not a GTA clone… though it does remind me a little bit of Crackdown. You are a guy who is the “victim” of a military experiment. And when I say victim, I mean that you now have the ability to run up the sides of buildings, hurl cars, fly (kinda), turn your arms into weapons and so on. You’re basically some sort of super-being. You can thank the U.S. Army for this, and then begin to wonder whether your life insurance rates will just bottom out because you just became a lot harder to kill, or if they are going to skyrocket because both the Army and some crazy mutants want you dead.

The one thing I did notice in the few hours I spent with this game- repetition. While I was continually buying upgrades for my super powers, the missions all seemed to revolve around stealing someone’s identity and gaining access to a building, driving somewhere, or destroying a person, place or thing. Oh yeah, and there were some side missions where you had to chase checkpoints. Kind of like a race.

All in all, I conclude that this game is well worth the twenty bucks. I haven’t played it enough to say if it’s worth the thirty dollars that it goes for on ebay, but personally I would hold out for a bargain just to be safe.

Hidden Message In Super Mario Galaxy Games

Design flaw, or intentional joke, the hidden message in the Super Mario Galaxy title is clear: U R MR GAY. Having caught wind of this, Nintendo changed the placement of the stars in the sequel. Now the hidden message is backwards: YA IM, R U ?

There’s a lesson to be learned here: don’t mess with your graphic designers! When you have them design everything from your logo to your custom water bottles and don’t give them a pay increase to for their added duties, you’re just asking to get childish messages hidden in your logo.

Portable MP3 Mixing Deck: Because “Pocket DJ” Sounds Dirty

This things is actually really cool, but the masturbation connotations are too strong for me to resist. First it was pocket pool, then it was pocket hockey and now OH MY GOD- CINDY IS PLAYING POCKET DJ AGAIN! Now you can twist your little knobs and slide you little ‘crossfader’ by putting your hands in your pants (and pulling out this neat toy).

I don’t know what the quality of this thing is like, but the price is right. $25 is much less than the ‘diving dolphin’ and you won’t be embarrassed to use it with your friends in the same room. Unless you really suck at mixing.