Spy Camera Detector


What we have here is a device designed to pick up frequencies emitted by wireless spy cameras. It actually took me some time to figure that out, since nobody spelled it out for me. Worse than that, they’re calling it an “anti spy camera detector”, which would mean that it detects things that stop spy camera detectors from working.

I can’t help but wonder if you could find the same thing for a whole lot less than the $333 that Brando is charging for it… I mean- it just appears to be an LCD TV with a fancy tuner and big antennae. And let’s face it- if this was just a portable TV, then I’d say the design is a vintage of about 1984. BooYah!


Spam Shots , Anyone?


I’m not sure why anyone would want a spam shotglass, unless you intended on spamming your stomach with booze. I mean, it might be fun to slam one and shout out phrases like “Whose blood is wine now?!” or the classic “Dear Sir or Madam, I am the the heir to a large fortune that the king of Nigeria left me” . Okay, that last one could use a bit of tidying up, but if everyone’s drunk enough, they’ll never notice.


Shoot The Fire!


New Years Eve is just around the corner, bringing me fond, but blurry memories of my friends and binge drinking and scaring our wives. You see, we had ourselves a little backyard firepit, and we thought it would be fun to shoot it with an air rifle. Our wives seemed to disagree. They hightailed it inside, and we proceeded to fire at the fire. It was pretty uneventful after that- ready, aim, *plink* and a tiny of spark was released from the blaze. Having seen the disastrous results that firepit gunplay can produce, I feel it is my job- nay, my duty to tell all of you potential drunks that firearms and fire do not mix- so this year, we’re going to try shooting a plastic cup filled with gasoline, sitting on top of the firepit. That should produce some interesting results.

Pictured above- a golf ball gun! You can use a bicycle pump or an air compressor to charge it up. I know that this thing is supposed to be used for golf, but I’m thinking home security. That would @#$%-ing hurt! Not recommended for those of you who collect fine china. This bad mother licker is made by Air Force Golf , and is intended for the disabled.. you know, so they can shoot intruders play golf.