Zhu Zhu Pets?


Apparently, Zhu Zhu pets are all the rage this year. Since I don’t get out a lot or follow the news, I’ll just have to take my wife’s word for it. To me, they seem a bit like a less demonic and more mobile version of the Furby. And we can all thank the deity of our choosing that Furbies were not mobile. That would truly be a terror on wheels. I’d set the tracks to make it drive right into an outdoor fireplace – not an indoors one because I’m not a fan of breathing in toxic Furby smoke. I would suggest buying your kids a real pet instead, but maybe it’s for the best that some children don’t have live animals to care for.

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80 Percent Of Female Gamers Choose The Wii

Apparently the computer I’m using isn’t working too well, so I can’t post a picture, but it basically looked like a colorful, dying pacman, only his last breath was used to proclaim the Wii as console of choice for female gamers- by a whopping %80. Now you guys know- if you want to meet the ladies, get yourself a Wii. Now if only they’d give us a reason to play online, instead of drowning us in a barrage of games about cooking virtual eggs. I wonder if the slew of fitness games are responsible for the unusually female demographic?

you can see the dying pacman here

Have A Techno-Turkey Tanksgiving

I’m currently in New Mexico- Land Of Enchantment. I tried to ask where the enchantment came from- whether it grew out of the ground or flowed from rivers, etc… I mean, I come from the Valley of the Sun, and it’s quite obvious where the sun comes from (the sky!), so I wanted to know where the enchantment came from.

For those of you who aren’t cooking, here’s a techno-turkey to help you reminisce about the time that your German cousin cooked rotisserie turkey and listened to techno. If that didn’t happen, feel free to replace the locality and activity to suit your needs.