Why Japanese Need To Eat More Fast Food


This genuinely creepy product has birthed a new theory in my mind- Japanese need to eat more junk food. How on earth did I come to this conclusion you ask? Well, if they spent more time preoccupied with weight loss and less time dressing up like undead schoolgirls and cartoon characters, they wouldn’t have time to come up with freaky fashion like LED eyelash add-ons. I mean… have you ever seen a fat Japanese person? Me neither. And Japanese living in America don’t count!

FailTech: Russian Corkscrew Tank

Too bad that this thing didn’t catch on, because I happen to think that the corkscrew tank is really cool. I think that the problem is that while it works great in soft, loose terrain- concrete would likely wear out the blades, and there would definitely be no stealth ability when running over hard surfaces.

More failed inventions at the source

New Super Mario Game For Wii


Looks like Nintendo is going to release another Mario title for the wii… this time, it looks like it’s back to the classic side scrolling formula that made Mario great. Now, this game looks like fun, but it also looks like something that could have been done on the SNES. I’m just sayin’.

There’s a video of someone with mad Mario skillz- you can watch him tear it up right here.

Look for the new game to be released on the 14th of November. Expect it to have simultaneous multiplayer action.