Giant Cardboard Xbox Controller.. Chair?


This is simply absurd… someone who had way too much time on their hands…and probably not enough money to buy an actual xbox… made a giant, ugly chair out of cardboard. Oh, I suppose it could be the prototype, and the finished project will be made out of ceramic tile or something, but I kinda doubt it. Besides- that thing hardly looks like a chair or a game controller, and it really looks uncomfortable. I’m just sayin’.


Watch Hulu On The Wii

It looks like with a bit of finagling, you can indeed watch Hulu on your Wii. Now if only they had that for the xbox 360. Maybe Bill Gates will do it as a gift for me…. that, and I could really use a Ferrari. Pleeeaaase? He already makes me the host every time when I play COD4… my British friends hate that… but I need all the help I can get, so I won’t complain. I think it’s because of that one time I held the door open for him. And yes, that was a double entendre, wink wink.

source, with info, etc, yadda yadda shumbiddly-badda… yaddidamean?

Keyboard Themed SD Card Reader


Make data transfer more fun with this enter-ctrl key sd card reader. This card reader can read SDHC 2.0, SD, micro SDHC, micro sd /T-flash, Sony M2, Memory Stick, and MS Duo cards, and is compatible with a nice range of operating systems- vista, xp, 2000 and Mac. Just to mix things up a bit, I’m not going to photoshop blood on this USB peripheral. Don’t worry, I’m still immature- I’m just to busy right now… maybe next time.


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