Omega Garden: Like Halo, But Without All The Violence


Look, over there in the room- it’s a ferris wheel, it’s a plant, no, it’s the Omega Garden Hydropponics system. Now you can take you Halo action figures and pretend that this hydroponic garden is you very own Halo playset. I’m using a barcode scanner in lieu of a plasma rifle. PEW PEW PEW!

This thing is pretty cool- and it makes the most of your grow light- which is the most expensive part to power. I know what all of my “green” friends want to know: “what’s the crop yield look like?”. Well, you get 3-5 times the crops per light compared to what you’d get if you grew them the old fashioned way.

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Mattress Wallet Is Quirky


I’ve heard of people hiding money under their mattresses or in their mattresses, but making your wallet look like a mattress isn’t going to fool anyone. On the plus side, this wallet looks like it would be very comfortable to sit on. I like how it says “financial comfort” on it. I just looked at my bank balance, and I could really use a mattress stuffed with cash right now, because I have just enough to pay the bills.