Kooky Chew Is PEOPLE (food)

Alright, so I might have gone a little soylent green on you with that title, but just because it isn’t made from people doesn’t make this product any more appetizing. Oh sure, they tell you that it’s actually cookies made for people, but I still have my doubts. Meanwhile, this could very well be the breakthrough in diet technology that we’ve all been waiting for- instead of buying weight loss pills , you just need to buy food that looks like it is unfit for human consumption. The frozen food aisle is already pretty good at this, only they haven’t mastered the part where each meal contains less than five times your recommended daily value of saturated fat.


Sweetest. Hard Drive. Ever.


What we have here is a really cool hard drive. It even comes with a lesson in Korean codespeak. Let me explain further- this product is called the Mint Hard. The company that makes it is called Mint- that part is straightforward. The reason they call it “hard” is another story- you see, in Korea, the word hard is the same word they use to refer to ice cream bars and hard drives, so the ice cream bar shaped hard drive makes perfect sense in their language.

Also, did you notice that USB Drive handle? They mention that it isn’t meant to be used as a handle… The hard drive automatically transfers any data from an inserted USB flash drive. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to use their USB handle exclusively.

Did you know that electronics made in Korea have a Seoul? Wow, what a bad pun. I do apologize. On the other hand, I stand firmly behind the following photshoped image:


Yeeh, I just went there. What can I say, it’s what I do.

source [craziest gadgets]

Portable Swamp Cooler Is Very Cool

personal swamp coolerIt’s hot as hell in the sunny state of Arizona. It was about 110 today. I would have clubbed a seal if it meant that I could spend¬† ten minutes in a refrigeration unit.¬† This portable swamp cooler humidifies the air and cools it by as much as thirty degrees. It uses a sponge to moisten the air. I’d freeze that sucker to make the air even cooler, and if noone was looking, I’d jam it down my pants!

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