Stop Motion LEGO Arcade!

Here’s a little bit of awesome: stop motion re-enactments of classic arcade games using LEGO blocks. The shape of LEGOS lend themselves perfectly to the pixelated images of old school arcade games. These recreations are so good that I think I just 1up’D in my pants a little.

On a side note, I’d like to know what kind of diet pac-man is on, because he can gobble pellets all day long and he never gains a pixel. Also, with all of the different versions of pac-man out there, I’d like to know why there was never a game that featured both ms pac man and pac man in the same game? Someone needs to whip up a co-operative game with these two as a team.

Insect-Powered Clock

killer-robotsHere’s an innovation that I can really get behind… this device doesn’t just kill bugs- it uses their bodies for power. That’s right, this clock is an insect harvester. It’s only a few links in the food chain away from using animals for energy… therefore paving the way for a robot uprising of epic proportions. Today insects, tomorrow, the world!

Voice-Controlled Helicopter


Here’s a remote controlled helicopter that allows voice control. Luckily, you can use the normal hand controls along with the voice commands. Given my previous experience using voice recognition technology, I’m not so sure about this toy…

My last brush with voice recognition was the game “rainbow six: vegas”. For those of you who don’t know what the heck that is, it’s a tactical shooting game, where you have to take out a bunch of terrorists in Las Vegas. It has a voice recognition, meaning you can yell into your microphone and your guys will try to do what you tell them to… up to a point. You can say things like “wait here”, “go there” ,”follow me”, “stay”,etc… Sadly, you can say something that isn’t in the list of available options, and it will try to do something anyway. Apparently, “Oh Sh–!” means “go over there and get shot”. Let’s just say that it was easier to forget about the voice controls and stick with the good ol’ push button action.

I assume it isn’t going to be any easier with this toy

Voice control helicopter [Amazon]