Friday Madness: Muscle March Ad

Those Japanese… always making wacky commercials for things we can’t buy in the US. Muscle march is a strange and crazy wii game where you wave your arms around like a madman. I don’t think I need a video game to do that. I need a video game to do that without making people think I’ve gone absolutely nuts!


Model Airplane Made Of Carpet


Look, down on the floor- it’s a rug, it’s plane… no, it’s both… a big, floppy, saggy carpet plane. It looks like a stuka that got hit with a melt-ray. PEW PEW! I guess this would be okay if it was supposed to be a plane that crashed into the sea. Sadly, it doesn’t look like it makes a very good carpet, either.

stuka airplane kit

It’s a Kite! It’s A Dirigible! Okay, It Actually Is Supposed To Be A Kite


What we have here is an indoor kite. I know it sounds crazy, but it is remote controlled… and has an electric motor in it. Some people would say that makes this a remote controlled… UFO or dirigible or something. I would be one of those people. I would also try to trick the local news into running yet another news story about UFOs over Phoenix [google].

This thing costs about $15, and probably performs as well as you’d expect a remote controlled anything to perform.

Silverlit Kazoo Electric Kite [gadgetgrid]