One Disc To Rule Them All

It looks like Blu-Ray may have a short lived stay at the top of the optical storage pyramid. GE has created a disc that can hold as much data as 100 DVDs or 20 Blu-Ray discs.

So how do they do it? I don’t really know for sure, but they’re using holograms to create this disc that stores 500GB of data.

It has taken six years for GE to come up with this product. Just don’t expect to see it on shelves really soon.

GE Holopraphic Disc [coolest-gadgets]

Buckyballs: More Fun Than A Rubick’s Cube

Here’s a toy that is only as fun as you make it. Sadly, this means that I would probably get bored of it pretty quickly. I guess it would give me something to fidget with while I’m waiting for things to happen on my computer.

For a bunch of magnetized ball bearings, these things are expensive! A set of them will set you back $25, though there’s a coupon at my source.


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Pac Man Dessert:Gobble Gobble Gobble

3466239492_d5889d0a40jpgSomeone with lots of time and cooking supplies (plus an unhealthy obsession with pac man) has created a pac man maze out of cupcakes and.. puffballs? Looks tasty, but I was hoping that it was made out of sushi, because I could really go for a pac-man roll right now. And a power pellet roll. Because then I could eat the ghost roll, and that would be awesome. NOM NOM NOM NOM. It’s game over for you, blinky!

Edible Pac Man [gearfuse]