Redneck Roller Coaster?


I’m not sure what to make of this, but it seems to be some sort of homemade circus ride. If you look at the back-left of this thing, you can see some guides, as if it’s meant to ride on a track. This actually looks like it would be a fun little ride if they only got some sturdier chairs for it (and a real gas tank)!

USB Cigarette Makes Me Confused


Leave it to Japan to come up with a USB powered cigarette that doesn’t actually contain tobacco. Supposedly it produces some sort of smoke, but most likely the aromatherapeutic kind that any Mesothelioma lawyer worth his salt would despise. The product page is completely useless as well:

How is the Ministry of aerosol charging is complete in itself and very easy to set the cartridge.The only draw suction from the mouth, the pump mechanism of the weak solution mist through the mouth and draw air sensors automatically. Nicotine, tar will not be detrimental to health that are not recommended to go to when I quit smoking.

Oh yeah, thanks for clearing that up for me! Sheesh. I think I’ll pass on your new-age electronic smoking device, thank-you-very-much.

The usb powered cigarette [foolish gadgets]