The Pontiac Stinger

Check out this car… it has everything. And I do mean… everything. It reminds me a little of the Aztec…er Aztek. Only, this one isn’t as ugly, and it isn’t an SUV, because SUVs weren’t wildly popular in 1989. Also, this concept is somehow more utilitarian than that particular sport utility vehicle. Though, if it sold with all of these features, it would probably still cost as much as a big SUV.

Flying Star Wars Toys

There was a time when I was trying to find a remote controlled helicopter that had a ring around the blades like these Star Wars toys that have yet to be released. I’m not too crazy about these because of the Star Wars aspect; I’m just not that crazy about the franchise. I never understood the people who would go all out for a Star Wars convention, renting out luxury hotel rooms for their after parties, etc… Wait… there are Star Wars conventions, right? Or is it Star Trek? Oy!

Well, the point is, I went to a hobby shop in search of a small R/C copter like this, because I saw a video of a cat killing one such R/C toy, and I thought it would be fun for everyone involved. The guy who worked there didn’t feel the same way… in fact, he told me that he wouldn’t sell me an R/C copter at all because he thought it would hurt the cat. I never did get that copter.

Hasbro’s Flying Star Wars Vehicles