FunSlides: probably make moving a lot easier, too. Besides their fun-loving-kiddie product uses, these things probably make re-arranging rooms a lot easier. When I was a kid, we didn’t have any of this “turn your living room into a playground” goodness, so we would ride garbage down the side of the wash. If we were lucky, we’d have an old shipping palette or a broken barbie dream corvette to ride down. On bad days, we just had cardboard. So the moral of this story seems to be: hooray for garbage?


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LED Briefs, Anyone?

I’m a sucker for all things LED. I don’t know why- maybe one of my long lost relatives was a moth. What I do know is that these underwear will help people find your crotch in the dark. %90 of the time, this would be an absolutely useless trait. %5 of the time, you’re going to have trouble getting through airport security. That other %5 percent? Pure bliss.

Check out Enlighted, where they’ll light up your clothing starting at $100. Not just underwear, either-some of this stuff is surely Disco Stu approved!

The Signal Briefs are sure to be eye catching [foolish gadgets]

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Dude, Where’s My Wine Cellar? (Hint- It’s Under The Kitchen)

A Dizzying Selection Of Wines!

This is one seriously well stocked wine cellar. What makes it interesting? It’s actually located under someone’s kitchen floor. That, and I’m a sucker for alcoholic beverages. I’m also a sucker of alcoholic beverages. This kitchen is like crouching Riesling, hidden Zinfandel, because there’s enough wine there to kick anyone’s ass and make them feel all floaty.

Four more pics and an explanation of the technical side of this $30,000 wine cellar at the source:

Hidden Spiral Staircase Leads to Incredible Wine Cellar [Tech E Blog]