Really Awesome Star Wars Kites

May the (wind) force be with you when you fly these totally awesome kites. My nipples got hard just from looking at these pictures. What can I say, I like kites. Every time the wind blows, I go pew pew pew in my pants, and these star wars kite pictures just gave me a massive lightsaber. Hope my wife doesn’t mind that I just Hans Soloed to a picture of a kite.

Now that these have been out for a while… they’ve earned a pretty bad rep for not flying… I’m sure they’re fantastic display pieces, but check out these ridiculously bad reviews on Amazon. Seriously, it’s hilarious.

Spy Pen!


The Adfilic Spy Pen uses micro SD cards, and has a built in camera. It can record up to 320 minutes of video, or like 48,000 photos or something. Perfect for … recording a boring day at the office from your pocket protector! At least this way you can pretend that you’re a secret agent, and not an accountant.

Spy Pen: Eavesdropping Made Easy [Amazon]

Doggie Treadmill

canine-treadmillMaybe you don’t have time to walk your dog. Maybe your dog keeps trying to hop on the treadmill with you. Okay, I can’t believe I’m trying to rationalize the existence of a canine treadmill! What’s next, a doggie bench press? Just $550, and you can watch the looks on your friends faces as they try to conceal their laughter. I believe there are three fazes- 1) confusion , 2) wonderment, 3) pretending to have a coughing fit while they laugh their ass off at your puppy treadmill.

Now, back to reality, there’s the Kyjen Dog-Agility Starter Kit┬áthat helps you train your dog for shows, and this sweet Bicycle Leash┬áthat lets you walk your dog while riding your bike.

Caninine Treadmill
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