Water Powered Robot Snake!

As if robots and snakes weren’t creepy enough on their own, someone has decided to combine the two to create a deeply unsettling machine. It’s official name is Anna Conda, but I think I’ll call it the shriek extractor 2000. One interesting thing about this robot snake is that it is powered by water- it has hydraulic valves and cylinders inside that make the snake move.

water powered snakebot looks like my junk [gearfuse]

LEGO Segway

segways may get a bad rap for being the ultimate dorkmobile. I don’t know why, but creating one out of LEGOs makes them infinitely cooler!

Found at Gearfuse, where they say it’s DIY, but they lie- there are no instructions to be found!

USB Ferris Wheel Turns When You Type

USB ferris wheel. It spins when you hit the keys on your keyboard. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, because this is actually a personal post in disguise!

I recently passed a class in photoshop, so tomorrow (today, really) I’ll be hunting down employment agencies in an atempt to attain employment.

In other news, Xbox Live is down. Possibly all day. I was playing call of duty four when the service went down. I spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out why my internet wasn’t working before I realized that the problem wasn’t on my end at all.

So until my insomnia-ridden buns can get some sleep, I’ll be trying to get all of the hidden stars in Braid.