Mona Lisa Painted With Super Paintball Gun

This video features several flavors of awesome- too many to list in a single blog post title. First, it features Adam and Jaime from Mythbusters. Next, we are introduced to the newest addition to my Xmas wish list- a remote controlled, paintball gun wielding robotic arm. We get to watch it slowly paint a smiley face. Robots armed with paintball guns- 1, emoticons- 0. As if that wasn’t enough awesome to rock you into a coma, we are then introduced to the behemoth- a paintball cannon that launches 1,100 paintballs in order to paint the Mona Lisa instantaneously. Be sure to hang out until the end when we are treated to a slow mo replay of the mega cannon in action.

I spotted this one at Geekologie.

Tiny, Cube-Shaped Computer: The Space Cube

The Space Cube is a tiny computer that is about the size of an apple. The size of this thing is it’s only impressive feature, so get ready for the bad news… This computer delivers a whopping 300 megahertz of processing power, 64 MB of ram and a 16megabytes of storage. The operating system s sits on a separate 1 gig flash drive. As if that’s not bad enough, the price tag is $2800.

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Fingertongs: Perfect For Playing Minor Characters From Futurama


These fingerclamps I mean fingertongs can make you look just like clamps, the minor character from Futurama. On weekends, my friends and I like to gather around the TV and re-enact scenes from Futurama. I usually play Bender, which gives me a great excuse to be a jerk and drink lots of beer. I’m just kidding- I don’t have any friends, and the neighbors all think I’m crazy when I introduce myself as Bender.

theclampsBesides allowing me to pretend I’m a different robotic a-hole, the fingertongs also provide the ability to pick up food that is up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit while reducing splatter. Let’s face it, when the novelty of picking up hot food with your hands wears off, the novelty of playing a clamp-handed robot from a canceled cartoon will live on.

I saw these things on the hands of the GearFuse writer- he was trying to hit on my Roomba!