Scientists Discover Drug That Simulates Exercise

Scientists have discovered two drugs that produce the similar results to exercise in mouse muscles. All mighty mouse jokes aside (I think there’s only one anyway), this could easily be the blogger/gamer/slacker drug of choice, or the hottest new diet pill.

You know Arnold Schwarzengrawr is lookin’ pretty flabby these days.. Bein’ prez can take it’s toll on a dude. Believe me, I know. I was president of the artificial flower department at a Wal-Mart once, and the stress nearly killed me! Okay, that was either a complete fabrication or a Ramen-induced hallucination.

Dig the perfectly toned muscles over at Gizmodo, where the blog posts are actually about the product that they are writing about.. imagine that!

USB Nail Drive: Because Everyone Else Is Blogging About It

So, this USB flash drive looks like a nail. You could probably use this to make your pc resemble Frankenstein’s monster with a little effort. Then again, there are the endless jokes about your computer getting hammered, nailed and crucified. Okay, maybe they aren’t endless… in fact, there are only about a handful of them to be made.

Unfortunately, for the 1 Gig of memory that this thing provides, the manufacturer wants nearly fifty bucks! Last time I bought a flash drive of this size, it cost me ten. Shop around, people!

I want a USB flash drive that contains viruses and resembles a screw… let the jokes about your computer being screwed begin!

Thanks to OhGizmo! for this find, among many, many other tech blogs who covered this. But hey, I stole the puns from OhGizmo!, so they get the linkage.

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