In MP3 Player Fashion Trends, Ugly is the New Cute

Based on looks alone, this is being called the worst MP3 player ever by some. I think that worst may not be the right word… maybe ugliest, or most hideous is the word they are looking for.

Either way, I can’t imagine someone actually buying this thing. I find it harder to believe that someone thought it would be a good idea to sell it.

With a headphone jack in the neck, and a USB connector in the rear, when you’re charging it and listening to music at the same time this will certainly look more like a skewered hog than a.. whatever this is supposed to look like.

An MP3 Jammin head-nod goes to Technabob for putting an ear to the ground and finding this gadget first.

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Laser Television Plans Revealed By Mitsubishi

While I’m sure it is a perfectly safe television, I can’t help but wonder why someone would make a TV that uses lasers when every laser I’ve ever seen comes with a warning about not pointing it at eyeballs. Oh, I’m sure that there’s some sort of filter or mesh or something that makes this a perfectly safe and vibrant television.

Another interesting thing about this TV is that it will only be produced in gargantuan proportions- 65″ and 73″ are the only sizes that will be available upon release. Just imagine the herculean tv wall mounts that will be required to hold these puppies up.

Okay, enough about the possible eye and back injuries that these things could potentially produce, on to the good stuff. The laser TV produces twice the color range as an LCD screen, has a 50,000 hour lifespan, it has 3D viewing capability and the image won’t degrade over time. All of this while producing stunningly clear images and using only a fourth of the juice that an LCD uses.

Thanks to Wired’s Gadget Lab for exposing their eyeballs to this TV first.

The Trons:Robot Band

So this is where that crappy “smooth jazz” comes from… robot bands like these grow up, settle down, learn to play the sax just like Kenny G and guarantee that their songs will be indistinguishable from every other smooth jazz song out there.