Lavender Scented Tires

The folks at Kumho Tires are rolling out scented tires… for the ladies. And I’m rolling my eyes at the horrid pun I just dropped back there. Personally, I like the smell of tires. I’m not too crazy about the smell of burnouts, but there’s something oddly alluring about the slightly-toxic scent of new tires.

I imagine that the new lavender scented tires will be very popular with the pimps and the ladies alike. This is not just a concept- these tires are on sale now!

Kumho also has tires that make colored smoke when you burn out! Very creative. I wonder if they leave colored skid marks. Also, what a great marketing ploy- selling tires that reward you for wearing them out faster!

Source: Dvice

Teen Discovers Plastic-Eating Microbe

A Canadian teen isolated a microbe that can degrade plastic bags in roughly three months- a task that normally takes hundreds of years. The boy won top prize in a nationwide science fair, walked away with many awards, a $10,000 prize, and a $20,000 scholarship.

NanoBot Olympics

There is a new category in the annual RoboCup Soccer competition: Nanobots. These minuscule machines are smaller than a grain of salt. Competition will be divided into three events: the 2-Millimeter Dash, the Slalom Drill and the Ball-Handling Drill.

Source: Skirmisher