Using Water For Gas?

I’m sure we’ve all heard of someone running their car on water. In fact, I think I even remember seeing a local news story about it. Of course, gas was a dollar a gallon back then. It seems like a distant, happy memory now. Oh wait, it is. With the price of gas quickly approaching $4 and most likely $5 a gallon, the idea of using water for gas is becoming very appealing.

In fact, there’s a commercially available product that claims to increase your fuel economy by %50. It uses electricity to turn water into hydrogen. Sound too good to be true? Well, it depends on your vehicle and your driving habits.

Thanks to some research done by a professional mechanic and fellow blogger, we can get unbiased information on this interesting product. His findings are broken down into two articles about the product known as water4gas: Part 1 , Part 2

I’ll leave the details to him, but the simplified results are as follows: it works, sorta.

Let me explain: the product does indeed turn water in to hydrogen, and this does result in improved fuel economy. The problem is, the best results are attained using vehicles with small engines, and during extended highway travel. So, if you have a fuel efficient car with a small engine and you tend to drive on the highway a lot, you could see a %25 increase in your gas mileage.

Man Claims He Invented Infinite Energy Machine

Notice that I didn’t say perpetual motion. What this Australian man claims is that his machine produces five times the amount of energy it uses. It is supposed to produce enough electricity to power a house!

To be honest, I’m skeptical, but it would be nice. Predicted sticker price is $5,000. This invention could replace the combustion engine in automobiles as well. That is, if it actually works.

Automated Bicycle Storage

Japan has this wild bicycle storage machine. for about a dollar, it will store your bike once. It costs about $18 for a monthly pass. In this video, the reporters’ bike is retrieved in 23 seconds. At first, I thought this is pretty silly, but looking back on my bicycling days, I remember having bikes stolen. I also remember that sometimes people will flatten your tires for no apparent reason. So maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Source: Geekologie