The Increasing Irony Of Making Your Site Black For Earth Hour

It has come to my attention that there is some sort of ‘Earth Hour’ going on. Now, I’ve heard of earth day, but what’s next? Earth minute? Maybe they should make the day into a week or a month instead of shrinking it.

This is not actually what I intended this post to be about… but I do have a short attention span. What I really wanted to point out was the irony of making your web page black for earth hour/day/year/whatever…

Now, the basis of this idea is that a black website being displayed on a computer monitor uses less energy. While this remains true for those of us who are still using CRT monitors (hey, 1999 called, they wanted to know if you could use 125mb of RAM), more and more computer users are making the switch to LCD monitors.

With LCD monitors, it does not matter (much) if your site is black or white, magenta, etc.. the light that is inside of the monitor remains constant. In fact, to produce a black screen, the liquid crystals must be activated, meaning that you are using just a tiny bit more energy to display that black background.

Miniscule Medical Robot Is Kinda Creepy, Kinda Useless (So Far)

This milimeter-wide robot is bringing us all one tiny (no pun intended) step closer to being some sort of half-human, half-robot cyborg like beasts. Oh sure, it could probably end up being used to fight cancer, clear blocked arteries, etc… but for the time being, it seems kinda useless… in fact, it can’t even move through your bloodstream under it’s own power- it relies on someone with a magnet to move it around. Maybe we need to wait for some advances in nanotechnology before we start making intravenous robots.

Swimming Pool Rock Climbing

This pool toy has me confused… okay, I admit that falling into your pool is a lot safer and more fun than falling to the ground, but for eight grand, I would think you could afford some safety equipment. Still, if you’re training for some sort of swimming/rock climbing biathlon, then this is probably just the kind of thing that you would need.

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