Chewing Gum Helps Patients Recover From Stomach Surgery

A new study has found that patients who are given chewing gum after stomach surgery recover faster.

Chewing the gum is thought to stimulate the smooth muscle fibers and secretion from the salivary glands and liver

In a study, 51 out of 102 patients were given chewing gun after stomach surgery. The patients who chewed gum recovered faster. One Doctor is quoted as saying:

Just think how much a pack of gum would cost today had the pharmaceutical industry come across this information first.

Source: ScienceDaily

Underwater Hotel

An underwater hotel is being built in Istanbul. This may sound like a groundbreaking idea, but unfortunately, it has been done before, and it has been done better. You see- where they are building this hotel, the underwater visibility is only about ten feet!

Source: Geekologie