Who Wants To Watch A Movie On Their Cellphone?

No, it’s not the name of a ridiculous game show, it’s the question that Blockbuster is asking. They intend to rent movies to watch on a cell phone. Personally, I don’t know if my cellphone can run for two hours straight with the screen lit up, and I can’t concentrate on it for gaming any longer than thirty minutes at a time. Looks like another failed attempt by Blockbuster to retain their iron grip on the movie rental industry.

Flying Segway!

So, the Segway was a phenomenal flop, despite lots of high profile hype. Of course it was- it achieved little more than what can be accomplished with a small electric bicycle, and you wouldn’t look like a total tool while riding a bike. Now, the world-changing invention that we’ve been waiting for is coming- it’s like a segway that flies! Unfortunately, this thing costs as much as a car. But, it does fly 15 feet in the air and go 40 MPH, putting the Segway to shame!

Source: Dvice