I’m guessing that since I’ve never seen this particular version of dos that it wasn’t very well received, despite what this video says… no pc should be without it? If you were talking about a monitor, okay… But dos? With a graphic interface? Doesn’t that just make it… windows?

Batter Blaster?

I’ve got your batter blaster right here! But seriously, this is pancake in a can, for those of you who can’t be bothered to mix your own batter. Goes great with cheez whiz! Okay, I just read that it’s made with 100% organic ingredients, so I can’t make too much fun of the product. Look for it to start showing up in the west coast.


Edit: I got a chance to try this stuff, and i didn’t really care for it.


did I say iDork? I meant iShoes. They’re electric skates…scratch that.. only one of them is actually powered. So it’s one electric skate and one non-electric skate. That’s about 5 steps below a scooter and 1 step above a unicycle on the scale of dorky transportation.

So, based on this chart that I just made, you can see that the iDork erm, I mean iChode *cough* iShoes falls somewhere between the moped and unicycle in terms of dorky transportation. Oh yeah, they go 7 miles on a charge, up to 15MPH, and sound like they’re broken, even when they’re brand new.