Peter Gabriel Radio

Okay, so it really isn’t Peter Gabriel Radio per se, but he has come up with a free and legal way to get music. Basically, each track has a ten second ad pasted to the beginning of it. The sponsor is basically paying for the music download. Clever, but maybe not enought o sway me.


Watch Phone!

wrist-watch-cell-phone-cellphoneIn the year 2010, and we were finally getting around to making watch phones. I’m assuming that we’re behind the timeline that was predicted in the 1950′s due to our scientist’s obsession with curing baldness and erectile dysfunction. Ask any red blooded American if he’d rather be bald and flaccid or have a flying car… wonder what the answer would be?

Anyway, the FCC has given this kind of gizmo the nod of approval, so every James Bond fanatic should be wearing one, and living out their undercover agent fantasy of choice. Found at Amazon, where you’ll find all sorts of nerdy specs that I don’t even care about.