World Time (In A Barrel!)

World time is is easy as rollin, rollin, rollin! Simply turn this thing until the city of your choice is facing straight up, and there you have the time in that city! There are 24 choices in all!

It’s a classy little number that would surely look right at home on somebodies desk, or in a display of sorts, maybe next to a globe?

Data Storage Moves In A New Direction: 160 GB Flash Drive

This is an incredible leap for flash data storage. A 160 GB flash drive that could easily replace your hard drive. Let’s see how they compare to the hard drive that you’re probably using right now:

160 GB? Check.

No moving parts? Yup.

As fast as a conventional hard drive? Uh huh.

Costs about the same as a hard drive? Uh…we’re still working on that part, but if you’ve got an extra six grand laying around, this baby could have your name written all over it.