getting into it

So, I’ve started to get into the mario and metroid games that I’ve been playing .. . .I think I like the mario game better, but the metroid one has a certain pull to it… Metroid prime .. is a poor shooting game- that being said, I’m not sure that the gamecube is an ideal machine for a shooting platform. But, Metroid is more of an adventure than a shooting game… with it’s automatic aiming, and emphasis on scanning things and finding things/ figuring out things. . . and that’s where the magic that was the original metroid comes from – discovery.

Sunshine, on the other hand is proving to have lots of hidden secrets as well.

At first, I was afraid we’d wasted our moneys on the gamecube, but now I feel it was worthwhile. . . We’re both quite amused by the GC-only titles… Nintendo for the win.


Yeah, I know it’s a tad bit on the late side , but I just got myself (with a lil help from the wifey) a gamecube . .. I started playing metroid prime and super mario sunshine… she started playing zelda: the wind waker . .

So, that should keep us occupied for some time!