Look! In My Hand! It’s a Knife! It’s a Gun! It’s the Apache Revolver



What we have here is a weapon with an identity crisis. It was told it could be anything. And that’s what it became.

Never before have brass knuckles, a stiletto knife and a revolver lived in such a splendid state of harmony.

This is perfect for those days when you can’t decide whether you want to shoot someone, stab them, or just punch them in the face. Now you can do all three with this one handy dandy device! It slices, it dices, it even makes bloodstains!


The apache revolver

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LEGO BMO Demands all caps



Did you know the LEGO demands that their name is always in all caps? True story. Also, LEGO means “play well” in dutch or Norwegian or whatever language it is they speak where LEGOs come from.

What’s that you say? They come from Smurf village? Nice try…if they were made by Smurfs, they would be called Smurfs. Or maybe Smurf blocks. Which reminds me of that costume party where I tried to pick up a girl in an Avatar costume, only to get one-upped by a guy who was dressed as Papa Smurf.


This LEGO BMO has a Raspberry Pi inside. It can play games and videos, surf the web and make you breakfast in bed when you’re hungover┬ámore. It also takes cartridges in the rear. Maybe they should have called it BUM-O.

Source: Geekologie, BMO made by Micheal Thomas

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